JUNE 2016 ...test    The Annual Convention of Mumbai Ecumenical Christian Fellowship, Western Region will be held at 7:00pm -9:00pm on 23rd and 24th October 2015 at our Church. The speakers are Rev. A. T. Zachariah, Vicar – St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Santacruz(W) and Rev. Fr. James Abraham St. Mary’s Jacobite Church, Kalina. All are requested to attend the convention    Unity Sunday - November 08th (Second Sunday) we celebrate Unity Sunday at St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Santacruz(W). The Communion service will be in CSI rite at 8.30am. All are requested to attend the unity service


  • St. Paul’s Church (Malayalam), Vakola, is yet another manifestation of God’s love for his people. The church helps in bringing together like-minded people in his services and adoration.
  • Christianity got rooted in India from its beginning. The Christian Church thrived in Kerala on the Malabar Coast and with the arrival of the Christian Missionaries from England and other Western Countries, Kerala state became the most educated state in all of India. As educated youth were in demand, people from Kerala began to migrate to other cities especially Bombay. Christians from Kerala found it convenient to use church building in these cities built by similar western missionaries for their worship.
  • It was thus that the Malayalam speaking people of Bombay got a chance to use the Anglican Church (now church of North India) of St. Mary’s The Virgin, Parel, Bombay. Since 1934, we were using St. Mary’s Church, Parel for our Malayalam worship services. During these years, the members of the families who were worshipping in Parel church increased and it was necessary to have another worshipping centre.
  • During the tenure of Rev. Abraham Varkey parish priest of St. Mary’s Church ( Malayalam), Parel, the General Body was held during the year Sep,1976 where most of the prominent members of St. Mary’s Church, Parel lost the election. In the newly elected committee Mr. G.P.Daniell, Mr. T.M.Philip & Late Mr. P.K.Zakariah were Secretary and Hon. Treasurers resp. Most of the time difference of opinion arose in the committee with the senior members of Parel and the newly elected committee members and during the tenure of Rev. K.C.Chacko in the year 1977 difference of opinion, personality conflicts and confrontation occurred with Parish priest and senior members of Parel Church. We were not able to do anything for the betterment of the church, so we decided to resign from the committee and start a new parish in the suburban area, Hence we the 10 committee members out of 14 members resigned from the committee on 10th Jan 1978 from the Parel congregation. The following 10 members resigned from the committee, namely Mr. G.P.Daniell, Late Mr.P.K.Zakariah, Mr.T.M.Philip, Late Mr.O.W.Wilfred, Late Mr.N.V.George, Mr. M.K.Paulose, Mr. George Joseph, Mrs. Lilly Jacob, Late Mrs. Aleyamma Issac and Late Mrs. Leela Cherian. The resigned committee members and the parish members and well wishers assembled on 26th Jan 1978 at the residence of Late Mr. P.J.George, Kalina and after a brief discussion members decided to form a Good Samaritan society. Accordingly the members elected Late Mr.O.W.Wilfred as president, Mr.G.P.Daniell as Gen. Secretary and Late Mr.P.K.Zakariah as Hon. Treasurer of the proposed Good Samaritan society. And it was also decided after forming Good Samaritan society the following members should be the permanent members of Good Samaritan society till their death, Late Mr.O.W.Wilfred, Late Mr.J.G.I..Jacob, Late Mr.P.K.Zakariah, Mr.T.M.Philip, Mr.G.P.Daniell and Good Samaritan society was registered with the help of Advocate Kuroop from Goregaon.
  • There was a worshiping centre in the suburb of Bombay at Malad, where Mr.G.P.Daniell was the convener of the Malad worshiping centre. The members took an effort to form a new congregation of Malayalam church in the suburb. After a series of meetings it was finally decided to approach Bishop of Bombay and Diocese of Bombay to give us permission to form a new church. If we have to form a new church, there should be a worshiping centre and finally Late Mr. Cherian Samuel, Lale Mr.P.K.Zakariah, Mr.G.P.Daniell and Late Mr.Issac Rajan met the then Diocesan Secretary Late Rev. N.R.Maccasare and then BDTA Secretary Late Rtd. High Court Judge R.P.Salvi of the Bombay Diocesan Trust Association Pvt. Ltd. We discussed our needs with them in detail and we said the Malad worshiping centre are planning to shift to Vile Parle, and we had also invited Late Rev. N.R.Maccasare and Late Rtd.High Court Judge R.P.Salvi at the residence of Late Mr.Cherian Samuel at Bandra. After a series of meetings we finally decided to approach the Bishop of Bombay to give us permission to form St.Paul’s Church (Malayalam) and depute a presbyter from Madhya Kerala Diocese. As such an ad-hoc committee was formed on 22nd July 1978 and the same was duly recognized by the Bombay Diocese, on 17th Aug 1978. The following members wekHBn the Ad-hoc Committee. Mr.G.P.Daniell (Hon.Secretary), Late Mr.P.K.Zakariah ( Hon.Treasurer), Late Mr.J.G.I.Jacob, Late Mr.Issac Rajan and Mr.K.M.Joseph. As per our request Madhya Kerala Bishop Late Rt. Rev.T.S.Joseph appointed Late Rev.T.I.Itty Eipe as the first parish priest for St.Paul’s Church (Malayalam) and he arrived in Bombay on 07th Sep 1978, Rev.T.I.Itty Eipe was 78 years of age.
  • Through the good offices of Late Mr.P.K.Zakariah, Rev.Father Gregory Lobo principal of St.Xaviers School, Vile Parle very kindly agreed to allow us to use one of the school halls for our services. Bishop of Bombay Rt. Rev.Dr.D.M.Kennedy invited the Bishop of Madhya Kerala Diocese late Rt. Rev.T.S.Joseph to Bombay for the 1st Divine service, for the new St.Paul’s Church (Malayalam).
  • The 1st Divine service started on 10th Sep 1978 with con-celebration of the Holy Communion by the CNI Bombay Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. D.N. Kennedy and Late Rt. Rev.T.S.Joseph, the CSI Bishop of Madhya Kerala diocese, other church dignitaries of CNI Bombay Diocese and a packed assembly of congregation in the big hall of St. Xaviers High School, Vile Parle. We are thankful to the St. Xaviers School authorities for giving us the school classrooms and hall for our continued worship. We worshiped there for about 7 years and 3 months.
  • We have been praying to God and working reasonably well to find a suitable plot of land or hall in the suburbs. Accordingly, the Almighty God opened a door in front of us and through the good offices of one of our members Late Mr.P.V.Mathews a reliable and reputed builder Mr.Gala of Gold Coin Builders, Bombay, came forward to help us. As per the special AGM held on 14th Nov 1982 by paying an advance of Rs.1 lakh for a church hall, we began the process of acquiring a worshiping centre.
  • The Church committee formed a Church Building Sub Committee with the following members, late Mr.P.V.Mathews, Late Mr.P.K.Zakariah, Late Mr.Cherian Samuels, Late Mr.O.W.Wilfred, Late Mr.N.V.George, Late Mr.Joseph Eapen, Mr.K.M.Mathai, Mr.Robin John and Mr.G.P.Daniell. The pastorate committee appointed Mr.G.P.Daniell as the convener of the Church Building Sub Committee. An important and much useful decision was taken by the committee in the AGM held on 14th Nov 1982 that all the members will contribute their one month income / salary towards church building fund, which could be paid in lump sum or in installments. Accordingly, our Parish members generously contributed their one month income / salary towards the church building fund on three occasions. An important event in the history of the congregation was the laying of the foundation stone of St. Paul’s Church building at Vakola, Santacruz (E), held on 05th July 1983 by our then Bishop Rt. Rev.Dr.S.B.Joshua. Rev Joseph John parish priest of St.Mary’s Church, Parel and our parish priest Rev.M.C.John and a few members of our congregation were present on the occasion.
  • The church building committee and program committee have taken efforts to raise funds for the church building project. The committee made vigorous campaign under the leadership of parish priest Rev.M.C.John for collection of funds from various sources for making early payments to the builder. Special mention may be made in this connection through raffles, entertainment programs, release of souvenirs, sale of donation coupons arranged during the year 1982 to 1984. The committee with the help of the Pastorate committee our parish priest Rev.M.C.John visited USA, Gulf countries for raising funds for the church building project. Our former vicars Late Rev.M.S.John and Rev M.C.John worked hard for raising funds for the church building project with the help of our Diocesan Bishop then Rt. Rev.Dr.S.B.Joshua we took a loan of Rs.2 lakhs from M/s. Ecumenical Church Loan Fund, Madras in 1984 which we have paid back in installments in 5 years time @ 4% interest. We also received a loan of Rs.85,000/- from Bombay Diocese and Rs.35,000/- as grant from the Synod of the church of North India for which we are very grateful to Bishop Rt. Rev.Dr.S.B.Josua and the Executive Committee of Bombay Diocese.
  • In June 1983 St.Paul’s church was registered as an Independent Religious Trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 with the Charity Commissioner. By the grace of Almighty the church was prayerfully dedicated on 25th Jan 1986 at 5 pm by Rt. Rev Dr.S.B.Joshua, Bishop of Bombay and Rt. Rev.M.C.Mani Bishop of Madhya Kerala Diocese. Under the leadership of Rev.C.Y.Thomas, our parish priest, it was also possible to purchase our Parsonage (1 Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen) in the year 1990. During his tenure we have repaid all the loans of Ecumenical Church Loan Fund, Madras and the Bombay Diocesan loan and also able to purchase the parsonage. Rev.C.Y.Thomas worked here as parish priest for 6 years ie. from 1988 to 1994. He also worked very hard for the betterment of St.Paul’s Church.



  • Since the old parsonage flat was insufficient we felt the need for a bigger flat for the parsonage. During the tenure of the then Parish priest Rev.Jacob Iddicula with the permission of Charity Commissioner, Maharashtra state, Bombay we sold our old parsonage flat and with the help of our congregation members free will donations, interest free loans and also loans from Canara Bank, Vakola by the grace of God Almighty we were able to purchase a bigger 2 Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen flat situated at Nikita Building, Flat No.401, Mathurdas Colony Rd, Kalina, Bombay on 25th June 2003. We feel happy about it and bow down our heads in gratitude to the Almighty for his favour granted in all our efforts and during the tenure of Rev.Jacob Idiculla we have repaid all the interest free loans and Bank loans. Rev.Jacob Iddicula served the parish for 6 years.


                Rev. Jacob K Idiculla and his family

  • When we expressed our desire to raise funds for the church building project and parsonage, the congregation as a whole responded to our appeal in the most be-fitting manner and contributed generously with willing hands. In like manner the various committees such as the Women’s Fellowship, Youth Fellowship, Sunday School, the Choir and Church Executive Committee have all done their part to the utmost of their ability and I thank one and all for their timely help and hearty co-operation. The church owes a debt of gratitude to Late Mr.O.W.Wilfred, Late Mr.M.V.George, Late Mr.Issac Rajan, Late Mr.Samuel Samuel, Late Mr.Cherian Samuel, Late Mr.P.J.George, Late Mr.P,.V.Mathews. Late Mr.Joseph Eapen, Late Mrs.Leemma Joseph, Late Mrs.Aleymma Issac, Late Mrs.Molly George, Late Mr.Mathew Enos, Late Mr.Ben Enos, Late Mr.J.G.I. Jacob, Mrs.Lilly Jacob, Late Mr.Frederick Joseph and Mrs.Jannet Joseph, Late Mr.M.C.Chandy and Mrs.Mary Chandy, Late Mr.P.V.Mathews and Mrs.Ammine Mathews, Late Mr.O.Daniel and Mrs.Saramma Daniel, Late Mr.Cherian Samuel and Mrs.Leela Cherian, Late Mrs.Daisy Wilfred, Late Mr.Ninan George, Late Mrs.Sophy Benjamin. At this time we also remember the presbyters who have ministered in our St.Paul’s Church Vakola, faithfully with love and gratitude, namely, Late Rev.T.I.Itty Eipe (1978 to 1979), Late Rev.M.S.John (1979 to 1983), Rev.M.C.John ( 1983 to 1985), Late Rev.Dr.E.V.Eapen ( 1985 to 1988), Rev.C.Y.Thomas (1988 to 1994), Rev.K.Zakariah Eipe (1994 to 1997), Rev.William Abraham (1997 to 2000), Rev.Jacob K. Idiculla (2000 to 2006), Rev.George Cherian (2006 to 2007), Rev.Benny Thomas (2007 to 2011), Rev.Joseph Thomas (2011 to 2013). Our church was inaugurated during the tenure of Late Rev.Dr.E.V.Eapen. During the tenure of Rev.K.Zakariah Eipe area wise prayer meeting was introduced from 1994. During Rev. William Abraham’s tenure we were able to conduct our first Ecumenical Convention in the year Jan 2000 from 23rd to 26th.


                     Rev. William Abraham and his wife

  • Our first Parish Directory was printed in 2007 during the tenure of Rev.George Cherian.
  • During the tenure of Rev. Benny Thomas we conducted the North India Family and Youth Conference in the year Nov 2010. It was a grand success and appreciated by the dignitaries and members. Rev. Benny Thomas also worked for the betterment of the church and he served for 4 years.


                      Rev. Benny Thomas and his Family.

  • During the tenure of our parish priest Rev. Joseph Thomas we were able to construct a mission church at Beechpada village, Maharashtra, in the year Feb 2012 and also we have appointed two missionaries to look after the mission church. We were able to renovate our Vakola Church in the year 2012 and also install the Rear Door Altar and change our church benches during the year 2012/13 with the help of our congregation members donations. Rev. Joseph Thomas introduced the visit to all Senior Citizens of our church during Christmas.
  • Our present parish priest Rev. Reni Philip has been ministering in the church from the year 2013 onwards. Our thanks goes to Rev.Reni Philip for the services rendered to our church so far.
  • When we started the church we had 65 families with approx, 175 members and it rose to 145 families in the year 2003. Some of the senior members have shifted to Kerala and some members have entered eternity. Now we have 110 families.
  • As we look upon the life of the church we can really thank God with all our heart and say that it was according to the plan and purpose of Almighty God we have grown together to start functioning as St. Paul’s Church (Malayalam). We started this church with no bank balance, no church building, no parsonage and none of any other material necessities needed for organizing and running a church. But looking back we can say with confidence that today what our church has, it’s all because we have with us in abundance the Grace of God, Love of Jesus Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.



              Vicar - Rev Reni Philip and Family 

  • 1   Rev. Reni Philip            - Chairman
  • 2.  Mr. T. A. Varghese     - Hon. Secretary
  • 3.  Mr. P. K. Johnson       - Treasurer
  • 4.  Mr. Dilip Jacob             - Joint  Secreatary
  • 5.  Mr. Jacob John            - Joint Treasurer
  • 6.  Mr. G. P. Daniell
  • 7.  Mr. John John
  • 8.  Mr. Ivan Issac
  • 9.  Mr. Viji Joseph
  • 10. Mr. Joseph M. Cherian
  • 11. Mrs. Asha Thomas
  • 12. Mrs. Saramma Varghese
  • 13. Mrs. Sani E. Daniell
  • 1   .Rev. Reni Philip          - Chairman
  • 2.   Mr. G. P. Daniell         - Hon. Secretary
  • 3.   Mr. Ivan Isaac             - Treasurer
  • 4.   Mr. Dilip Jacob            - Joint  Secreatary
  • 5.   Mr. Jacob John           - Joint Treasurer
  • 6.   Mr. T. A. Varghese
  • 7.   Mr. John John
  • 8.  Mr. John Edward Daniell
  • 9.  Mr. Iype John
  • 10. Mr. Beryl John Thomas
  • 11. Mr. Ebi Mathai
  • 12. Mrs. Saramma Varghese
  • 13.Mrs. Asha Thomas
  • Representatives of Women’s Fellowship and Youth Fellowship To Committee
  • Women’s Fellowship
  • Mrs. Sosamma Thomas (2013 - 2014)
  • Mrs. Jiji Santhosh (2014-)
  • Youth Fellowship
  • Mr. Manu Joseph (2013 – 2015)
  • Mr. Akshay A.V. (2014 - 2015)
  • Miss. Jiti Anna George (2015 - )


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